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Panico Alpinverlag

With the claim to be as independent as possible from all external influences, the self-publisher Pasold started in 1981. The first climbing guides were intentionally minimalist and hand-knitted, sold out of the rucksack, later in a few sports shops and bookstores in the region. With the expansion of the program beyond the Schwäbisch Alb, the self-publisher became the Panico Alpinverlag, and with the publication of the Sun-Rock Guide, the radius of action expanded to the entire German-speaking area. For first-hand information, the entire publishing house is already on the go for research - with rope, belt and exen, camera bag and drawing board. Otherwise, Panico Verlag works closely with locals who know their areas of expertise. And of course the readers benefit from this!
Panico Alpinverlag
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